Sencha mobile app development platform helps developers to create apps with Java. The framework has only one version. The maintenance and support features are added to each license along with distribution rights for building apps.

It has an expanded version of the toolkit for creating touch-based applications as well as desktop apps. The framework’s SDKs are HTML5-based that make it effortless for developers to design functional user interfaces and animations. Also, Sencha frameworks had evolved a lot since when it was first launched.

  • This platform simplifies the difficulties of controlling the software development lifecycle of web applications. A developer thus can seamlessly create, produce, and test data-based web applications and deliver the best user experience, on the right device, at the appropriate time.
  • Sencha helps you expedite your web application development project with unique theming capabilities across all applications.
  • It offers robust JavaScript and Java frameworks and assists developers in extracting the best.
  • Sencha Test gives the most extensive solution for examining Ext JS applications.

The Sencha Platform is backed by an expert team of trained developers at Social DNA Labs. Our dedicated team of skillful professionals gives in-depth technical analysis, exercise customized implementation, provide technical support, and professional services


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