This is an open source SDK that with web technology such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can build hybrid mobile apps and offer benefits over pure native apps, particularly in terms of platform maintenance and support, development speed, and access to 3rd party program code.

Why developers choose Ionic?

  • This open source program has a huge fan base among coders. With regular updates of its features, Ionic helps in building apps that can perform more efficiently and native-like.
  • The platform continuity feature can build apps that easily meet the functionality and design requirements of different platform easily.
  • Building cross-platform apps is a breeze for developers as it put in use web technologies such as HTML, AngularJS, and JavaScript that are popular and are widely used.
  • Ionic presents an attractive and suita ble repository of visual ingredients that support building apps with an intensified appearance and feel along with unique interacting UI modules.

Because Ionic is an HTML5 framework, it requires a native folder like Cordova or PhoneGap to operate as a native app. We heartily suggest using Cordova for the proper functioning of your apps, and the Ionic tools will be used by Ionic App Programmers Cordova underneath.


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