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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We at SocialDNA Labs build and provide cutting edge Augmented Reality Apps & Virtual Reality Apps Solution for various businesses and consumer niches. By having already built an array of most remarkable solutions by combining many other technologies, we have the skills, facilities, tools and expertise to build AR/VR based applications with most immersive experiences. With AR we create an augmented real-world environment with computer generated content.

How AR/VR works?

To best understand how the Augmented Reality works in conjunction with our digital and real-world experience, we first need to see how a computer or device-based images generated corresponds with our surroundings. Take, for instance, an Augmented Reality Map will show you directions along with featured images of the surrounding area by using your camera. Thus, both the digital and real-world experience help the user navigate and find ways with exciting features. AR & VR are mostly and widely used in mobile games allowing a more immersive gaming experience to the user.



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