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Odoo CRM

Odoo is an open ERP Suite that can manage applications, target small, medium and multinational enterprises that can encompass several departments. Odoo can streamline all management segments from manufacturing, finance and accounting to purchase, sales, CRM, Human Resource and warehouse, all under one roof.

Why choose Odoo CRM ?

Does your current CRM system lack the functionality it needs? We provide Odoo services with over a thousand functionalities and modules that can be deployed in your online business and be developed as per your needs.

It is highly modular, and with just a few modules you can begin your project and also add more as and when you need while keeping the benefits of an integrated solution.

Odoo advance integration

  • Ensure that your customers get exactly what they want
  • Set of modules to serve every business purpose
  • Set up their own marketplace where vendors can sign up and register themselves to sell their products on your site.
  • Odoo is wide and intelligent. From CRM to ERP, Odoo is for a business that looks forward to successful growth. It can be used in the cloud too.

Get affordable Odoo services for your enterprise with our extended features and functionalities, so that you can handle all your business processes seamlessly.

With Odoo you can get the following services:

  • Website Development
  • Customization
  • Apps Development
  • Deployment
  • Store Development
  • Implementation
  • Theme Development
  • Integration

Approach our Odoo experts for analyzing and providing web services that are apt for your business and re-establish your business with better communication capabilities.


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