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Crm Administration Customization

Experience industry-level automation customized as per your business design. We have been delivering smart, innovative and cost-effective CRM solutions to B2B and B2C enterprises and have been helping them build long-lasting relationships with customers, drive sales and improve productivity.

After gaining deep insights into your business, our experts then design, map and plan new functionality, change your user interface, and revise navigation methodology to offer a better customer relationship management.

Although the complete process of online shopping is alluring and liked by most customers, the sales in the backend store are always complicated for any online business owner. However, with the rapid increase in the internet shopping due to quick evolution of information technology and digital transformation, is helping Commerce business to become more competitive in the market and deliver quality products. commerce online platform in the form of a web store is the new mode of virtual shopping.


Performance Management Service

Performance Management is a functional part of an enterprise where managers and employees work closely to plan, monitor and review their work for the organization. The overall contribution of an employee to the organization is also one of the parameters that are checked.

SocialDNA Labs help its clients to administer their workforce with its comprehensive talent management delivery model that provides a mixed approach to accomplishing company goals, performance management and delivering effective coaching.

Our well-defined system involves setting objectives, evaluating progress and implementing ongoing training and feedback to ensure that your employees are meeting their individual company objectives and personal career goals.
We have extensive experience in creating a robust Performance Management System that promotes consistency and transparent communication within the organization.


  • Planning the business structure and producing job descriptions for every employee position.
  • Evaluating performance with defined KRAs
  • Enabling the organization to benefit from the employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Providing individual employees with tools that will help them set short term and long term goals that will contribute to both career and organisation success.
  • Integrating performance management system with reward and recognition framework


  • Recognizing and rewarding individual contribution
  • Support the institution in establishing and sustaining a healthy work culture
  • A PMS will foster your work environment and encourage employees to learn, solve and communicate problems and success.


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