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Transform your data into a valuable asset using our end-to-end Machine Learning platform

There cannot be enough exaggeration about the increasing volume of data. The more data is generated every second, the more complicated it becomes to arrange and process it. Big Data analytics and BI together along with data visualization techniques provide deep insight into business processes and operations to avoid fraud, increase sales and productivity and gain higher customer satisfaction rate.

Machine learning is a very old technology that gives a computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. The iterative aspect of machine learning technology combined with new computing technologies has made it the hottest and most wanted analysis tool in the IT industry.

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Services offered by us concerning Machine Learning are

Algorithm Design

In large process-directed organisations,knowing what a big data strategy is and how to implement that is even more difficult. Hence, at Social DNA Labs we follow a simple process i.e,

Data Modeling

Our Data Modeling tools offer your business a complete solution that will right from postulation to implementation extract data related to your business.

Amazon Machine Learning

With this, you get an easy process to generate the forecasts for your applications by using Amazon ML APIs. Applying custom prediction generation code or managing any infrastructure is not required here.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

We fully utilize this cloud-based predictive analysis service for designing and using predictive models as analytics solutions. Its in-built graphical drag and drop interface makes data storage simpler and seamless.

Self-driving Google car is the coolest example of machine learning. At SocialDNA Labs, our experts provide simple, scalable, cloud- ready predictive analytics solutions. Our data scientists assist you in implementing the most complex BI algorithms in the simplest possible manner.


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