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BI is vital to business growth regardless of the industry and the size of the business. Every customer interaction, brand communication and social media like needs to be recorded and analyzed to learn customer behavior.

SocialDNA Labs allows you to find new opportunities where none existed and expand your horizon. From manufacturing to healthcare, retail, banking, hospitality, government, entertainment, and travel, each industry is gaining useful information through our Business Intelligence and analytics solutions. At SocialDNA Labs, we stay head-to-head with evolving technologies such as Pentaho, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle, so that our clients reap the optimum benefit of our services.

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Our BI Analysis & Technology Consulting includes
  • Critically assessing the client’s technology environment.
  • Practical business needs estimation.
  • Corporate policy, standards, and security environment evaluation.
  • Proposing the implementation approach.
  • Ensuring related and latest IT capabilities are rightly aligned with your business needs.
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Our holistic Business Intelligence and Analytics service offerings generate an environment that promotes cross-pollination and integration, thus lets you act automatically on your data. The value of data lies eventually in its ability to support decision making. We enable your data to the decision process.

Turn your data into a reliable asset during critical decision-making hours. Our BI analytical services ensure that you have timely access to accurate, complete and relevant data, thus helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Ensuring Good Data Quality

Our data quality management services can eliminate various errors and glitches in your data so that it is always trustworthy and makes way for a clear analysis.

Professional Data Management

We roll out the differences in definitions of customer and product across your various business departments. Next, design a single system of record that gives comprehensive and sorted information about your business.

Data Warehouse Development

We collect and integrate data from numerous Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems and give you a consolidated view of your business data. Thus, we create enterprise data warehouses for you.

Data Migration

Get data migration services that involve migrating legacy systems, integrating the latest systems with data warehouse, maintaining and upgrading data applications and support existing enterprise data warehouses.

Our self-service business intelligence tools and enterprise BI solutions allow organizations to apply analytics to every process across organizations. We follow a process-centric approach that helps our clients make informed decisions and optimize their strategies and processes seamlessly.


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