Emerging eCommerce trends to consider in 2019

Since the last few years, the ecommerce development services and industry have been experiencing rapid growth. Many expert analysts released their data that consists of prediction of ecommerce sales from mobile, desktop, and other devices. In a report published by one such data analytics agency revealed that worldwide ecommerce sales would increase consistently till 2025 and people accessing ecommerce websites on their mobile devices will also increase by another 45% in the next year.

Ecommerce is thriving because more and more companies are embracing the advent of advanced technology and consumer expectations. No matter how mature your ecommerce presence is right now, you need to always keep going ahead to catch up with the latest commerce trends. Elevate your ecommerce efforts in 2019 by taking advantage of these emerging trends this year;

Using Social Media for Selling Your Products

Facebook has features where you can put forth your products with price tags and set them for display to the public. Now, why Facebook, billions of smartphone users are always engaged on this social media platform, and there is a 40% chance for your product to reach its potential customers. Imagine the impact of this digital platform. Similarly, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are a few other social media platforms where you can sell your services. If you’re not selling on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity, because your customer who is online, is most likely to be on social media, where they end up spending one-third of the time.

A 360° overview

Many internet users still hesitate to purchase from online stores. Why?

Because, they are never assured of the size, the quality, and the look of the product. Many fear that the product they order by simply checking out the picture online may not be the same when it arrives. Hence, it is recommended to incorporate a 360° feature for all your products. Ensure that each of your items can be viewed by the customer from all angles along with some videos of it. Enable feedback features where your buyers can provide feedback along with pictures. By seeing all of the genuine evidence of the quality of your articles, a large number of potential customers are sure to turn loyal to you.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are around the corner; they might not be everywhere yet but surely impress the common people and please the retailers. If you can successfully incorporate AR capabilities into the shopping experience stand, you are destined to gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

Amazon Strategy

It’s time you take your business a notch higher, by selling your products on Amazon. Global reports have reported that 40% of online shoppers tend to open the Amazon app to make any of their purchases. What’s more? People when try to buy products from other stores, they come back to Amazon for reviews and feedback. The future of all retailers is Amazon advertising, and if a brand wants to make money now and also in the future, it needs to be able to make it to Amazon’s display product platforms.

Smart Payment Options

Finally, the payment process. It is the most crucial part for both the seller as well as the customer. It is at this stage that could either make or break a conversion. If the experience in this stage isn’t effortless and smooth, it could make you lose a potential customer. There is a big competition out there, all waiting in queue to replace you, if you are planning to get ahead of the competition, this is one aspect that you must tackle in 2019. You will need to offer a smoother checkout process with an easy payment option that will ensure quick conversions.

Today, customers have graduated from awareness and consideration in making decisions. To beat the eCommerce challenges in 2019, you have to stay updated with the latest technology trends and incorporate them into your business from time to time. Book an appointment with us today and get your eCommerce website diagnosed.