Wooing with WooCommerce for solving eCommerce woes

User-oriented interface improves customer experience and managing your eCommerce site with the dual power of WordPress and WooCommerce is simply quality-defined. WooCommerce is designed to function well within whichever WordPress theme it is installed. Developed to integrate effortlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s most beloved eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete access and control. This is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to set up your online store conveniently.

WooCommerce can turn any WordPress website into a fully functional eCommerce site where you can put your products and services on display for sale.

Here stating some specifics and how they can be helpful for your business;

From a technical perspective, WooCommerce is a plugin in WordPress that needs to be installed and activated just like we do it in Chrome. Just like WordPress, this is a free open source, and you don’t need licenses to renew again and again as no one asks you to pay. Its robust features make it a popular plug-in for WordPress out there. Many businesses prefer WooCommerce because apart from being a feature-rich plugin, its convenience to set up makes it easy for one to configure it by oneself. You don’t have to give up on your current web design instead, add features to your website. A list can continue from here but to put it across in a simple way, with WooCommerce, you simply get to build a high-quality e-commerce store with WordPress.

Why is WooCommerce suitable for your startup business?

As a newbie in the market, you will want to extract maximum value out of every penny spent. Also, avoid unnecessary expenditure by taking advantage of valuable opportunities. And WooCommerce helps businesses achieve it;

Free Platform

One of the key features of WooCommerce is that its basic version is free. As a business still catching up with the market trends, a free version will provide you with sufficient features for your website. As your company starts progressing, you may then start to put in use some of your revenue to upgrade your website capabilities by paying some amount of subscription fee for the upgraded version of WooCommerce.

Thousands of plugins and extensible

WooCommerce has a pool of paid and free plugins to add extra features to your website. Depending on the requirements you may make purchases.

It’s easy to use

If your website is on WordPress, then using WooCommerce is intuitive and easy to use. And you do not have to end up spending millions on making it look attractive.

With WooCommerce you can also sell your downloadable digital products. Allows you to even drive reviews and comments on your products, thus creating instant testimonial space for your business.

Apart from all these, a website when created with WordPress you have complete control over your site. Unlike other website-building applications, WordPress is open-source and free from commercial restrictions. This means you can utilize the software any way you want.