2020 digital marketing trends & how to ace it like a warrior?

Do you depend on technology and the Internet for everyday tasks? Then you seem to be someone who witnessed the rise of the Digital Era. Welcome to the digital world!

With the needs and demands of a constantly changing market, marketers and businesses need to keep up with current marketing trends to stay relevant and maintain their business in the game.

We have observed a surge in some of the Digital Marketing trends that governed 2018. We have seen video content become a trend this season and have produced a good appeal for business.

With the advances and changing trends in digital technology, digital marketing is expected to make giant strides in the future. We see e-commerce players like Amazon ruling the market and the search engine giant; Google is introducing newer approaches and the latest versions of its algorithms at least 500 times a year. As the Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird, and more are here to improve the user experience and give every business owner the rank it deserves on the Search Engine. Voice research and vernacular research are growing at a rapid pace, and this trend will grow exponentially by 2020.

According to a study by ET, digital advertising is expected to increase by 32%, the CAGR, to reach around 19,000 Crore by 2020. The data also suggests that digital media expenditure, which is currently 15%, will increase to 24% by 2020. The CAGR’s growth in the video by 38%, display by 36%, and research by 25%; We see that the three vertical sectors are increasing their share of the budget by 2020.

Now with the remaining months to move to 2019, we have several predictions for trends that will rule in 2019 and 2020.

  • Prediction 1

By the end of 2020, 2.5 Billion smartphones will hit the market. This means, having mobile-friendly content and a website is mandatory.  This is also known as MobileGeddon.

  • Prediction 2

Google Glasses are on their way. They are too predicted to reach the market and rule it. This will make browsing easy, and information comes to the user in a blink.

  • Prediction 3

Our smartphones will become our wallets. Customers can scan products in the virtual store, which are then home-delivered.

  • Prediction 4

To provide a personalized experience to the customers, e-commerce businesses will collect innumerable insights available from the huge amount of data. For this, marketing automation will not only emerge but is anticipated to undergo an impeccable change due to the meeting of technology and marketing.

  • Prediction 5

Facebook has been investing in AR and is expected to be the wave of the future. Facebook will provide a new platform for advertisers to display their products by rolling out augmented reality feed ads. Thus, shopping online will become an interactive experience and help businesses in making better conversions.

How to be digital-ready for consumers in 2020?

New Capabilities: Maintaining Extreme customer-centricity

Before you go to the extreme, fix your basics. Look for blind spots in your business and fix them instead of ignoring them. If you can’t see it, ask your customers to tell you.

When Facebook was launched, we wanted as many friends as possible. That’s when the defriending trend started. Then brands discovered Facebook and started creating fan pages to share their content. Consumers embraced it and followed many fan pages.

Today, fans can no longer handle these many brands and want their family and friends back on their feeds. So, they are hiding brand content.

In fact, out of every 11 brands, a consumer interacts with five brands only. The fight for online attention among brands has begun. Consumers expect to get a response within an hour. Not just any answer will do. They need accurate and personalized answers.

Consumers do not like to repeat themselves. They want their complaints to be recorded and responded well across various channels.

Mobile is further changing the trend. 50% of the online population owns a smartphone. Most of them are always online. 55% of them are always online. In the next few years, the only thing we will need to go to the airport, the train station, and more is our smartphones.

Our phones will become our external brain that will connect us to the world.

The 2020 customer is on its way. Are you digital ready?