Field service mobile application for solar energy products and water purification business

Project Overview

A manufacturer and supplier of solar energy products and water purification systems require an application to efficiently manage their products, workforce, and customers. To handle their field service business, they require basic Field Service Management features and add-ons like:

  • Work order management: Manage work orders for installation
  • Inventory: Manage the products with variants
  • CRM: Manage customers and workforce, including the dealers and their field agents
  • Warranty management: Issue warranty certificate after a dealer installs a new product
  • Survey management: Create surveys and get feedback from the customers
  • Analytics and report management: Analyze the important business KPIs to make concise decisions and learn about the business insights
  • Loyalty program: Motivate the dealers and employees to install products successfully, earn loyalty points, and redeem the rewards.

The challenge

Streamline the business workflow and manage 500+ sales partners (distributors, dealers, and sub-dealers) and 100+ field agents. Also, the company has over 30000+ customers, resulting in a complex business structure. The admin back-end must be simplified with a neat dashboard and navigation to all the features.

Ensuring the admin never misses notifications while keeping them easily manageable is crucial.

The solution

After careful project planning, Social DNA Labs was able to develop a robust mobile application and admin back-end. Our project team adopted a sprint-based approach, ensuring the delivered mobile application perfectly addressed the manufacturer’s needs. 

The application runs on the AWS cloud platform as the manufacturer must handle multiple requests over a day for installation, warranty certification, etc. This highly scalable cloud solution ensures the system can adapt to meet future customer demands. 

The impact

The implication of the field service application with a simplified admin back-end helped the client to efficiently manage their business and increase operational efficiency by at least 90%. 

Feedback from the workforce during the phased rollout helped identify areas for improvement, such as implementing a loyalty program to add a motivational factor, where the dealers and business will be mutually beneficial.

By empowering its workforce with this mobile solution, the company is well-positioned to achieve its growth plans and become a leading provider of solar energy and water purification systems across India.