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Retail Industry: Switching to Digital age with Mobile Application Development

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Retail Industry: Switching to Digital age with Mobile Application Development

After the release of smartphones, a while after the launch of iPhone in 2007, really kick-started the revolution in the retail industry. Actually, the launch of Apple´s app store a year after caused a shift in the consumer behavior.

Since then, brands have found a new way to engage with their customers, retain them and eventually convert them into loyal consumers. Research conducted by renowned institutions in the US found that sales through mobiles have been increasing by 95% every year.

In this age of smart devices where retailers are embracing the advent of digital transformation, merely running an offline business will bring less or no revenue to you. If you are running a firm, then consider yourself blessed because not everyone has an Entrepreneurial spirit.

A real entrepreneur is never scared of failure and is always embracing the highs and lows with high spirits. Always be prepared to adopt changes and stay up to date with the latest trends and technology. Stay alert about your surroundings and competition, and this will help you battle most of your business challenges.

Still not convinced? Here are what wonders can a mobile application do to your business?

Great shopping experience

With advanced business apps, you can display your every product with images and specifications. Add more value to your business and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience that will fetch you more buyers

Customer Engagements

Consider your business sells Scania bus tickets from Hyderabad to Bangalore at 50% discount. This is definitely an attractive offer but who knows about it? The moment you take the app to announce it through push notifications, you will probably run out of tickets because of the constant traffic which is clicking your app o book the tickets.

Brand building

Having a user-friendly app for your business with unique, interactive features and less or no ads will shoot up your brand’s popularity. To survive in the industry, you will have to launch a mobile app to keep up with this growing trend. This will also boost customer engagement and draw more traffic to your website.

CRM for customer relationship

With the coming of a series of digital products, maintaining customer relationships virtually has become easy. In this age, time is a constraint, and most of your customers will want to connect with you digitally. CRM systems if integrated with apps will help you connect with your customers directly and close their issues virtually. CRM systems will also help you build a productive relationship with your online buyers and grow your customer base by taking feedbacks and inquiries.

Brand-new Marketing techniques

You do not have to go door to door to market and sell your products like it was done a decade ago. Instead, use your instincts and creativity to communicate over the app about your brand and create a demand for your products by targeting your customers more precisely using demographics, and their geographical location.

What influences the mobile users while making app decisions?

As per a study, millennials use most number of mobile apps. They consume three times more the internet data than any other age-group. Undoubtedly, mobile phones have changed the world by making internet accessible to millions at the tip of our fingers.

The factors that influence a smart-phone user app download decision are;

– How unique are the features of the app?

– What are the ratings of the app?

– How are the design and the interface?

– How much discount does it offer?

– How much media attention has it garnered?

– Is any celebrity endorsing it?

While opting for mobile app designing for your business, keep in mind these attributes;

– Make sure the app doesn’t drain the battery charge

– Easy navigation for which just one-finger touch is enough

– Do not misuse the push notification feature to spam your customers constantly

– Data usage is a big deal hence make sure the app uses little internet data

– App size also matters. Larger the app, bigger the space required on the phone. Keep the app size as compact as possible.

As smart-phone users continue to drive the digital media market forward, understanding the need to develop a mobile app for studying customer behavior becomes essential in this age of competition. Get immediate assistance if you have wanted to develop a smart app that is the key to increase your sales. Get mobile applications designed by integrating features like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, CRM, analytics and more that will only contribute in improving your business performance and give you a platform to connect with your customers more often. Redefine the meaning of customer relationship with Social DNA Labs unique approach towards creating an app with integrated new-age technologies. Connect with us now to understand how we can make your business app stand out among the already existing million apps and increase your sales almost immediately.

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