Why is logo the holy grail of brand building?

When you look at the above logo, you are instantly aware that it is the Olympics logo. There is no need to mention the name of the brand as the logo is extremely popular and synonymous with the brand. The Olympics Five Circles logo or Apple’s half-eaten apple are the logos that are imprinted in the minds and memories of people. Such is the impact of a well-designed logo.
There cannot be enough emphasis on the fact that a logo is the most fundamental element of a brand. Logo design comes before a marketing strategy is built for branding or the website is designed or even before the visiting cards or brochures are designed.
The logo is the identity of the brand and is part of all the marketing collaterals. So, you can not take it seriously. Investing in logo building is a long-term promise that sticks to your company and its name.

“Logo Design is the Silent Ambassador of Your Brand”

How do you Create a Perfect Logo for your Brand?
The wrong logo puts you at the risk of looking unprofessional and triggers a negative emotion in your audience’s mind. That’s the last thing any brand would ever want. To craft a beautiful and sophisticated logo that tells your company’s purpose and story, there are a few things that can be helpful.
#Take Time: When designing a logo, don’t be in a rush to take the quickest and cheapest path. Designs should look simple and attractive but that doesn’t mean they are designed simply. It takes the knowledge, skill, and creativity of a designer to produce a great design.
#Talk to the Designer: Enlighten your designer about your company. The designer must understand the story of your brand, its customers, industry, and products/ services. Knowledge about the brand is the ingredient that the designer needs to create the magic.
#Keep it Simple: The logo is mostly displayed at the top of the website page. A great logo doesn’t have to be complex with many lines, patterns, and colors. The design should register in the mind of your audience instead of distracting them from the main target of the webpage.
#Concept Sketch: A serious designer would put pencil to paper and draw a rough draft of the design. It helps in identifying the flaws and refining it during the process of re-iterations. If you are in love with your first design, stash it away, hide it, and forget about it. Then look at it again the next day, it will give you enough time to unlove it and then you can re-create something better.
#Play with Typography: The font that you finalize in the logo will be displayed on your website and all other marketing materials such as blogs, brochures, magazines, and newsletters. Before signing in on the font, play around and explore various fonts and see how they look without any color and effects. The font must be easy to read and yet distinctive.
#Choice of Color: You must choose the logo color carefully. It has to go well on the website, that is the digital display and at the same time, it should look well in print. Apart from these considerations, the color should be chosen keeping in mind its emotional response. The logo color should not become a cognitive overload for the audience.

Hire a professional designer to create a memorable logo for your brand. As a designer, if you remember these 6 elements of design and work on the logo, you’ll create something that will be appreciated and accepted. Revisions are important, so as good a designer as you must be, don’t ignore tweaking and refining your design after the first sketch.