Java vs. Kotlin: Which is the better option for android app development?

A developer knows that to develop an Android app, the process is a lengthy one and has different levels. Each level has different components and complexity. The common factor that the levels have is the base or the platform on which the app is being developed. For any Android app development service, the environment provided is, of course, Android itself. Now when it comes to choosing between Java and Kotlin, the better option for Android development, Java undeniably gets an upper hand in most cases because Android itself is based on Java. Kotlin being the relatively new competitor nonetheless offers too many lucrative choices for Android application development as well. Thus, for availing of any Android app development service, one needs to narrow down to one choice which is either Java or Kotlin. To choose the better among the best let’s discuss in depth the two options.

Java for Android App Development Service

Java has been ideally the base on which Android apps have developed for all these years. Java, an object-oriented programming language, provides developers with several open-source tools. Java has been the core of Android app development services for over 22 years.

Kotlin for Android App Development Service

Kotlin cannot boast of a glorious history but it has achieved a good reputation in the field of Android app development service in the last two years since its operation. Kotlin can be seen as a new-age Java platform that has the following advantages over original Java:

  • Simplified code 

As mentioned earlier, Kotlin is the advanced age Java, and the codes for Kotlin are much simplified. This helps developers a great deal. The length of the codes is reduced by a significant size and consequently saves time and space. The efficiency is higher and the developers can get more creative with the time they save. Thus android app development service is encouraging the use of Kotlin as it is relatively a more economical choice.

  • Offers Interchangeable code 

As Java has been the tool for mobile application development services for more than two decades, it is not possible to completely irradiate Java in an instant. To keep Java on the bay, Kotlin allows code interchanging. This means that a code written in Kotlin can be interchanged to suit a Java platform.

  • The future of Android app development service lies with Kotlin 

With Kotlin being an advanced, more efficient, and reliable base for Android application development services, more and more companies are opting for Kotlin. Since its origin in 2017, Kotlin has marked its territory in the field of Android, with Google having a great impact on its evolution in the last two years. The success rate of Kotlin promises a brighter future for the language.

Final thoughts

From a developer’s point of view, Java will always be considered the core of Android. But whether or not it is the only means through which Android app development service will be sustained is questionable. With the rapid acceptance of Kotlin, Java might soon be a replaceable option in the world of Android. Nonetheless, as a developer, one must know Java. It does have the building blocks of Kotlin.