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“Digital practices to accelerate Marketing transformation”

SocialDNA Labs is helping enterprises think and rapidly realize their value and the way they deliver it with radical customer-centricity. Our ever-evolving frontend ecosystem provides multiple choices to help strike a balance between technology and user expectations through our various techniques that includes Digital engineering, Digital analytics, Digital Commerce, Digital marketing and more.

For businesses that prefer everything under one roof, we offer an end-to-end approach that involves design, usability, and other complementary services along with custom application development. The advanced digital solutions that we practice helps in engaging customers across an ever-expanding array of touch points, to serve them over various channels.

CRM & Commerce

Our CRM and Commerce solutions leverage techniques like gathering intelligent insights through forecasting, predictive modeling, data mining, and text mining to put the customer at the center of everything. We help our client accelerate their CRM transformation initiatives to develop deep, meaningful relationships with their customers through multiple channels that deliver unique experiences. Our persona led CRM approach digitally transforms your business thus increase sales, boost productivity and improve customer service while reducing operational cost and increasing time-to-market.


Innovative, disruptive technologies have transformed the commerce landscape and have stirred the market by shifting the power in the hands of the buyers from sellers. Thus, technology has empowered customers and is giving them value for their penny spent. Today, business leaders need a modern technique to capture customers’ interest, desires, mind, and wallets to lead in the competition that is continuously evolving.

Our clients depend on us for strategies that can help them to digitize their retail channels and commerce. With our years of experience, we work on your side to please your customers and provide them with an unforgettable experience through our top-notch and best in the industry CRM & Commerce capabilities. Our retail solutions provide controlled access to authorized people, make consumer experience better, manage and locate buyer information, and provide a secured transaction environment. Get a flexible digital commerce platform for communication, collaboration, branding and delivering seamless experiences.

Choosing the best eCommerce platform itself is a lot of work and what is more complicated after this is picking the best CMS that will not only increase the appeal of the website but also keep the website functional at cheaper maintenance. To keep your website dynamic, we will equip you with technology that will easily update, add, delete and manage your eCommerce online store which is a necessity for a successful and profitable eCommerce site. Our Content Management System will help you to manage not only products and orders but also the customers, newsletters, promotional activities and more. We believe that running a website should be simple and that is what we do for you.

Our clients are relying on us for developing custom features in the eCommerce administration and so by using an open-source platform; we provide businesses the ability to add custom features. Keep your online store simple, clean and operational with Social DNA Labs’ custom CMS services.

We help SME clients to explore a new era of eCommerce and sell products online by targeting different marketplaces. Our team of specialized experts will help you in growing your business by managing your product cataloging in the back end. From product photo shoot to image editing, product description and listing your series of products on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and other eCommerce giants; you get an end to end service. Avoid all the hurdles of exhibiting your products on multiple channels and instead get a more organized and strategic approach to marketing your products with us.

Our robust IT infrastructure and seamless operational capabilities ensure quick and accurate listing of all your products online. Our successful and experienced team possess the right skill sets to match all your business requirements. We practice all that can help your business reach the top position in the market.

Get expert CRM and Commerce managed services, so you don’t have to worry about whether your website is running smoothly. Our expert team of designers, developers and account managers provide their seamless services that drive higher conversion rates and build an impressive user experience for your customers. We will help you build your store online and also run it with unique strategies that will rapidly grow your brand, client base and finally your sales revenue.

All that a business needs is a professional team that can maintain and control the functions and features of their website. Our time-tested systems, processes and years of experience in managing the eCommerce ecosystem give us a productive edge in handling large eCommerce systems. Several factors contribute to making a website successful, and we customize the solutions as per your business model to achieve desirable eCommerce results.


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Smart Commerce

When it comes to CRM solutions, we believe in one size doesn’t fit all businesses. Your business needs to create something awesome on Digital. Botify your business with Social DNA Labs.


Seamless Customer Solution

Keep a strict check on the progress of complaints resolved and then efficiently transfer them to employees who are equipped with a necessary solution.


Omnichannel Service Platform

Retailers today are investing more and more in acquiring advanced digital capabilities that can transform their offline stores into a next-generation experience which allows one to have a holistic overview of their overall business.


Acquiring New Customers

How effectively can you build up a healthy customer relationship that will, in turn, benefit your business revenue? Out there in the real world, customers seek positive customer experiences, and this is one of the ways that can set apart your company from the rest, no matter if you are offering unique products or not.


Reaching Peak Sales

Prioritize your most promising deals by assigning leads as they come in and set up to automate reminders to follow up. Stay on top of everything and ensure no important prospect slips away.



Changing the Digital Game with digital services

A Brief About Our Services

Our clients are provided with fully automated eCommerce and CRM system that will save time, money and also human efforts that can be used in achieving better sales targets. Target your most valuable customers every day as we help you draw powerful insights on customer contacts management, tracking visitors, lead nurturing, shopping cart abandonment, lead scoring, order management, payment tracks, shipment tracking, etc.

With numerous eCommerce platforms, we offer a flexible eCommerce CRM environment for better marketing and sales focus! Also, get your hands-on post-purchase customer ratings, reviews, and feedback to identify the scope of improvement in the business to grow higher!

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

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CRM Capabilities

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eCommerce Development

CRM Administration Customization

Experience industry-level automation customized as per your business design. We have been delivering smart, innovative and cost-effective CRM solutions to B2B and B2C enterprises and have been helping them build long-lasting relationships with customers, drive sales and improve productivity.Read More

eCommerce Development

Performance management Service

Performance management is a functional part of an enterprise where managers and employees work closely to plan, monitor and review their work for the organization. The overall contribution of an employee to the organization is also one of the parameters that are checked.Read More


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