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“Digital practices to accelerate Marketing transformation”

SocialDNA Labs is helping enterprises think and rapidly realize their value and the way they deliver it with radical customer-centricity. Our ever-evolving frontend ecosystem provides multiple choices to help strike a balance between technology and user expectations through our various techniques that includes Digital engineering, Digital analytics, Digital Commerce, Digital marketing and more.

For businesses that prefer everything under one roof, we offer an end-to-end approach that involves design, usability, and other complementary services along with custom application development. The advanced digital solutions that we practice helps in engaging customers across an ever-expanding array of touch points, to serve them over various channels.

AI & Data Science

Keeping in mind the possible business opportunities and challenges involved, our domain experts help clients from a different business background such as retail, healthcare, banking, hospitality, and education to engage Big Data Analytics for improving business performance. Unify and integrate your data environment to grow revenue, using Big Data tools and engines and provide visual reports to improve forecast for better demand and supply side planning. We deliver information management, business intelligence and data analytics solutions under one umbrella, thus turning big data into intelligence and actionable insights.

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Pairing up the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable computers to understand data and generate insights. This technology is revolutionizing businesses and is tapping into vast pools of previously stored data with which you can fundamentally transform the way you do business. You can combine the power of AI with cognitive intelligence to improve customer satisfaction, retain resources and control risk and comply with digital automation.

At Social DNA Labs, we provide advanced analytics services to help you generate data that can maximize the benefits of this breakthrough technology. Our experts show you how to create and execute the right approach for AI in your enterprise and help your organization embrace a data-driven culture. We can help you harness the power of AI along with Cognitive computing and deliver real business insights faster.

We provide analytical services that can connect your business with partners, customers and employees by integrating data across different digital channels. Our expert analytics consulting services, and implementation process for clients help them to expedite their "data-to-value" cycle. Our teams consisting of data scientists and analytics experts work closely with our digital marketing team to fully leverage the power of data analytics for a complete digital transformation of the business.

The process of aligning the client’s business needs and vision to their business value is one of our best practice approach for delivering practical and tangible data analytics solutions. Monetize your enterprise services, improve efficiency of the operations and utilize the full potential of digital platforms by executing our bespoke business analytics programs. We can deliver truly transformative results through deep customer insights and Social Media Optimization.

Data Science has created a revolution in the industry and is helping enterprises to decide, perform and operate with meaningful market insights. The vast volumes of data extracted from the online activities of the users are helping businesses to find the patterns that will ultimately unlock the next level of performance for your organization. Discover the true potential of the market with Social DNA Labs expert data science consulting team.

We bring together the latest Data Science techniques and Analytics to build unique business models and solutions. Our core approach is to bring out the “art of the possible” in real-life business and commercial problems. This intuitive approach sufficiently supports robust decision-making and quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to simplify business problems. Using a combination of the latest Analytics and Big Data techniques, we are able to provide insights to re-define business strategies, improve business performance across all platforms and increase revenue.

Data management and analyzing is quintessential for businesses who receive quintillions of bytes of data every day. This large volume of data can accelerate your business growth if it is transformed into meaningful information. At Social DNA Labs, we will help you figure out an information management technique that could be able to simplify heaps of data and give you insights that you had never known before. Our Data Engineering technology will enable you to make quick and smart decisions, decrease operational cost and help you in budgeting while also improving ROI.

We get organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-planned big data program across multiple domains and focus on critical areas. Our big data engineering practices enable organizations to

  • Maintain and collect newer and older data of the business.
  • Identify and strategize a way to collecting bulk data and establish a connection with it.
  • Break the data silos across all channels of the business for generating actionable insights.
  • Implement Big Data Engineering across all verticals of the business for better control.
  • Track and resolve the big data security risk much ahead of time.


Advanced tools to streamline your business & expand to new channels

AI powered Face Identification & Tracking

Get AI-Powered Facial recognition & Tracking services with our in-depth knowledge and skill set on FR technology. We can bring you an unprecedented number of facial recognition and biometric features into a ready-to-deploy solution.

Realtime-data management

Visual commerce

Use our visual search solutions and discover products online in a picture inspired by the objects you see in the real world. Social DNA Labs combine 3-D real-world product recognition for an all-encompassing visual search solution


Real Time Data Management

The data management industry is looking to regulate, add security and increase performance in the way it manages its data.


Enterprise Information Management

Business Intelligence and analytics is a journey that needs to be properly mapped in order to achieve fruitful outcomes.



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A Brief About Our Services

We turn raw data into actionable insights using AI technologies along with big data and analytics services. Our latest data analytics techniques that involve using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics bring you powerful data toolset that delivers better business models for you every time.

However, most companies don’t know where to start from. Hence, we help our clients by successfully implementing and operating Big Data solutions and also manage their Big Data environments. Our team has supported many clients in building BI and analytics solutions to process and break down large amounts of business data into real-time reports for supporting solid business decisions.

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