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Delivering successful outputs with cost-effective infrastructure program

Our expertise in IT infrastructure services transforms your IT landscape to gain scalability and flexibility. Our comprehensive IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models help you achieve effective IT management solutions. With our years of experience and industry knowledge, we have designed our delivery model to focus on business outcomes. We make sure that our patrons extract maximum value from their IT investments by generating carefully crafted, cost-effective infrastructure program.

SocialDNA Labs provides the following IT infrastructure services:


Our infrastructure services help companies plan, develop, operate, and govern their entire IT infrastructure using flexible means that enable better integration with the current company processes and regulations at optimum costs.

Email Hosting

Get advanced premium email hosting services on dedicated email platforms. With our Email hosting plans, you can personalize your emails sent to customers. We help you eliminate the need for in-house email servers and IT team to manage the complications of email servers. With our paid plans you can expect additional tools to target different segments of your mailing list and lead successful email marketing campaigns.

Website Builder

Promote your business and reach millions with services and products using our website building services. We can build you a good website and customize it in a way that it achieves a top search rank. There are no one-size fits all solution. Every business requirement is different, and hence website building is totally dependent on the type of business. Whatever may be your need, we will always bring you the best output out of your newly built website.

Server Hosting

By just paying a mere fee for the hosting service, we will take care of your offsite management and hardware resources that are reserved for company’s use. The expenses associated with server hardware purchase and IT employee hiring is sometimes beyond the financial capabilities of many businesses. Hence, we take care of your onsite infrastructure with proper security and redundancy measures to ensure its ongoing functioning.

Website Hosting

Our Web hosting services provide the technology required for a website or a webpage to be visible on the internet. We store and host your website on special servers that display your website data to the internet users who are searching for your website. If you do not own a domain name for your site, we can also help you in purchasing one for yourself. Our web hosting services are reliable and can keep your site up and be running without any obstruction.


Keep your website free of malware and hacker exploits. Our security tools are designed to scan and analyze your website performance every day. We monitor your website and when detecting a hazard, make necessary corrections to ensure the safety of your site. Keep your website secured as we help you identify weaknesses that a hacker can target on to get your website’s admin access and infect your website. Our security system is all armed with a heuristic algorithm to detect Viruses, PHP bots, Redirects, etc.

Our Consulting Services include expert guidance, implement support and assist infrastructure management to help you simplify and accelerate your journey to cloud systems. Connect now for more.


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