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As businesses move its services and applications to the cloud, undoubtedly there comes a phase where the enterprise will have to withstand the growing challenges of operations and management. As a Cloud service provider, we offer a wide variety of solutions that can address these challenges, but choosing the right service provider is crucial. Here we tell you why Social DNA Labs is the best choice for cloud-related services.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

We provide end-to-end cloud consulting services to enterprises for quick and seamless cloud adoption. Our cloud computing experts analyze your current operations, infrastructure and applications to devise a unique strategy that suits your business. Adopting enterprise-wide business-relevant cloud enables clients to grow their business without adding infrastructure resulting in reduced operational costs, scalable cloud environment, and accelerated time-to-market and most importantly, enhanced customer experience.

Our Cloud Strategy and consulting service include the following components:

Cloud Assessment Strategy

Migrating to cloud changes the way you run your business operations. It is important that a complete readiness test is done in terms of technology, people, and processes before adopting cloud. We perform quantitative analysis to determine ROI and TCO and then chart a roadmap that ensures alignment of business strategy with a cloud strategy.

Design and Implementation

Once the cloud strategy is developed, our experts will design the architecture for implementation depending on your business requirement for public, private or a hybrid cloud environment. We focus on the key business drivers including hardware and software configuration, network virtualization, scalability, and security.

Data Centre to Cloud Migration:

We migrate the entire data center operations to the cloud ensuring zero disruption of the mission critical applications. Our cloud architects successfully integrate the new cloud solution into the current IT landscape.

Cloud Optimization and Automation:

Automate your cloud deployments to optimize the cloud environment. It keeps your data and applications secure and reduces time-to-cloud with repeatable and standardized architecture.

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Cloud Migration

We execute cloud migration in a seamless, fast and no risk way. Your data and applications are transferred from the data center to cloud focusing on data safety, smooth functioning of applications and speed of transfer.


Migration is broken into 4 steps, discovery being the phase where we track the existing applications that need to be transferred to the cloud and prioritize them. We also identify the various platforms, licenses and security compliances.


Discovery and analysis are interwoven as the data gathered during discovery phase will be used to analyze the impact of migration on applications. Different apps run on different servers, and may use any third-party vendor’s licenses, etc. All these things need to be considered pre-migration to avoid any last-minute obstacles.


This is when actual migration is performed with all system requirements such as DNS, application layers, background programs, and back-ups are transferred to the cloud.


Post-migration, we ensure that none of the functional and non-functional details of the system are affected in any way. We ensure data accuracy.

Cloud Integration

To extract maximum value from cloud applications, it is required to synchronize them with an on-premise system. The integration of cloud and on-premise system allows importing and exporting data from the cloud for reporting and analysis purposes. SocialDNA Labs cloud experts help businesses seamlessly integrate their cloud-based applications with on-premise data.

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service):

iPaas is the latest integration platform that enables getting pass the cloud silos. It allows on-premise and legacy systems to communicate and share information with cloud applications. It also enables cloud applications to integrate with each other in a safe manner behind a firewall.

dPaaS (Data Platform as a Service):

A data-centric integration methodology that enables the organization to gain actionable insight into their data generated from multiple applications in different formats and structures. It’s a next generation breakthrough methodology that clears silos within the cloud and on-premise application data.

Cloud Managed Services

SocialDNA Labs managed cloud services offer automate cloud management system throughout applications and processes for better integration of components, higher scalability and IT governance.


We ensure that your cloud infrastructure is monitored 24 by 7. Using latest tools and best industry processes, our cloudOps ensure smooth functionality of your AWS cloud.

Service Desk Support:

It includes SLA, any issues, and reports to be answered and resolved in time so that you experience an improved customer relationship.

Audit and Report:

We perform weekly audits and send comprehensive reports and SLA updates. This enables our clients to keep track of their cloud expense and also keeps a check on any security threats.

Pro-active Support:

Using in-built and third-party tools we monitor your system 24 by7 to ensure no threat or risk goes unnoticed. We also make sure that issues are resolved before they can affect the business operations.

Cloud Security

SocialDNA Labs cloud security services provide an integrated approach to cloud security enabling safe data and business operations.

  • Unified Threat Management: Incorporating UTM ensures that security doesn’t become a bottleneck in networks. There are various highly sophisticated UTM tools that are employed by our security engineers such as WatchGuard UTM, XG UTM, Dell SonicWall NSA series, etc.
  • DDoS & VAPT: SocialDNA Labs provides VAPT solutions and DDoS mitigation to identify and resolve any security threats. Our 24by7 security blanket ensures that your virtual, cloud, physical and mobile network stays safe.
  • Endpoint Security: Our endpoint security provides data protection, network protection and protects your overall infrastructure and cloud.
  • Data Security & Encryption: We provide complete cloud data encryption to ensure that your data and information is completely safe. Our security engineers assist you in learning the encryption key management so that you have the control of assigning permissions.

Get end to end cloud services for all your cloud computing needs. Social DNA Labs is a pioneering multi-cloud Hybrid IT solution provider with footprints spread all across the world.

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