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Websites & CMS, LMS, Social Networks, ERP

Business web applications can be a game-changer if you have got the right technology at the back-end and gorgeous user interface at the front-end. SocialDNA Labs develops bespoke web applications ranging from simple corporate web page to highly secure and complex functional websites. We connect your customers to your online presence. Our consultants suggest the best web solution for your business considering your company key business drivers, budget, customers, and stakeholders. We provide innovative and creative web solutions for every business.


Easily scalable and High-Performance apps are built using this creative and result-oriented software development tool. We use NodeJS for real-time communication apps that require constant connection between n number of users and servers.

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A robust, open-source framework for content management systems (CMS). If you want to frequently manage and organize content on your blog or business website, let us help you with a solid and secure Drupal web application.

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word press

Database driven, fully editable and customizable platform for eCommerce, blogs, and business websites. We design and develop WordPress sites with powerful, secure, and easy-to-edit functionalities. From migration to third-party integration, we are experts in all.

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Build the foundation of your eCommerce site with Magento. Feature-rich, SEO friendly, and super-fast are just a few of Magento praises. We can set up an online store from scratch for you or help you migrate to Magento from any other platform with minimal operational disruption.

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Reduce the cost and complexity of your web apps by allowing our WordPress developers to write code for you. We can develop a social media dashboard, database-backed website, or any web app requiring offline access, embedded images, animation or content. Create powerful web apps with minimal effort.

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Angular JS

Develop dynamic web apps using minimal code written in HTML language with Angular JS framework. Benefit from component-based architecture of Angular to create super fast, scalable, and modular web apps. Allow us to help you quickly get setup and started.

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Web Application Development for digitally transforming your business

The internet has experienced a sea of change since the time it came into existence. It has still not stopped and is still undergoing a rapid evolution with things like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. Growing and successful developments can be seen on every front of the internet. Be it your desktop or mobile, […]