SMAC Overview

The working of business have changed. Digital technologies allow us to create experiences which are inspired by what people want—how customers want to interact, how employees and partners work best. SocialDNA Labs helps organizations engage people and discover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer.


Today’s SMAC Stack—is happening faster than anything that has come before. By 2020, as many as 100 billion computing devices will be connected to the Web. And corporations will be managing 50 times the data they do currently. So SMAC will have a significant effect on businesses which will increase productivity across the organization.

Impact Of SMAC

In all industries across the business landscape, the SMAC Stack is eroding the century-old blueprint of value chains and spawning new, highly distributed, virtualized business models. The power of this technology platform is in treating it as a stack, for its components have a multiplying effect when they work in combination.

SocialDNA Labs Approach

Digital innovation demands bringing all the different people, skills and tools together to create and come up with the very best ideas. Our structured, flexible accelerator methodology allows us to think big, scale quickly—to bring solutions to market faster.