Breaking Organizational Data Silos Measure and Manage Digital Customer Experiences

We are obsessed with customer-oriented strategies. We apply technology to marketing operations and improve customer digital experiences

As per Forrester research, 72% businesses admit that improving customer experience is their top priority. This can be achieved only if radical changes and transformation is brought in critical business strategies.

Reports suggest that companies are losing $62 billion a year due to poor customer service. With real-time social data availability, it is integral to incorporate Big Data and Analytics to make sense of your company data and derive meaningful information from it to communicate with your customers more effectively.

At SocialDNA Labs, we create digital strategies that propel businesses forward and give them the competitive advantage. We design solutions laced with technological advancements and innovation that resolve organizational challenges.


Todays’ customers are demanding and need personalized experiences compared to services built for a set of people. We create dynamic marketing strategies that keep evolving as per the customers’ requirements. Integrated marketing takes a comprehensive approach towards reaching your end user by making your products and services available anytime, at any location and on any device. Solutions that incorporate social media platforms of your customers and give them a customized user experience at each interaction.



Your business is operating in a volatile environment with continually evolving technology and dramatically changing user behavior. This is a ripe time for digital transformation, however, before you dive into the digital revolution, you must analyze the current IT infrastructure of your organization and strategize to adapt seamlessly. We partner with our clients from various industries to design a digital engineering solution that enhances their business value while reducing complexity and overhead costs.



Data is the powerhouse of your company and keeping it in departmental silos is holding you back from making accurate business decisions. We help you develop an information management strategy to store the real-time data in a centralized repository. Partner with SocialDNA Labs to harness the real power of Big Data and apply it to gain information intelligence. Every industry can excel by understanding the hidden patterns and correlations in its historic and real-time data.


We Build Custom Solutions for Business Challenges

Fielding product development challenges is our forte. Over the years, we have mastered the art of developing a new product.

We start with consultation to understand the problem. We ponder, brainstorm and research to identify the underlying issue. Once the issue is pinpointed, we model and architect a solution that is reliable, robust, and secure.

From architecture and analysis to solution development, testing, and support & maintenance, we journey with you until you and your customers are at a happy place.

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