DevOps services


DevOps, as the name suggest, is a set of tools and technologies aimed at resolving the disconnect between development and IT operations. DevOps service helps improve code quality, promotes better and continuous integration and speeds up product delivery.

As new products are developed or new features added to any existing products, multiple processes begin at the same time. Developers write the code to develop the product and the code is fed into integration server and from there it goes into production. Transfer of data is bound to create problems and bug-fixing needs additional time.

DevOps service providers like SocialDNA Labs, use DevOps tools to automate and streamline the entire process from development to deployment to reduce overhead costs and increase delivery speed. Our DevOps consultants specialize in tools such as CHEF.

Our offerings in DevOps Service include:

  • Error recovery: We minimize bug fixing time and effort by using effective Agile methodology.
  • Faster deployment: Products and services are delivered and deployed in much less time.
  • Easy integration: Automation enables continuous integration between multiple environments.
  • Smooth development: Removing the traditional disconnect between development and operations.
  • End-to-End DevOps: From requirement gathering to development, integration, design, server, and production.


Our DevOps services are implemented using the CHEF tool. We provide the following CHEF services:

  • Chef Assessment, Architecture & Consulting
  • Automation Architecture Design
  • Automated testing
  • Chef Advance Training
  • Managed DevOps & Chef implementation services
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous delivery adoption

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