Secret SEO Tips to help you revamp your site without dropping website traffic

By: sdl17global | November 28, 2018
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So, you have built yourself a shiny new website design with a new layout built on customer journey information and user data? Awesome!

Google loves new experiences. But have you worked out a transition plan on how to minimize the risk of traffic loss and does website redesign affect SEO rank?

You made your website live a couple of days ago, and then a few days later you log into your analytics dashboard to check how well it is performing and are shocked.

While you expect a better reach and organic traffic, you see a dramatic drop that occurred in traffic from Google which was totally unexpected. Your heart beats faster, and you struggle to find out the answer to “WHY?” Wasn’t this entire revamping supposed to make it better?”.

Unfortunately, this is a common plight of all new websites that arises from three most ignored scenarios;

  • You missed website redesign SEO
  • SEO is not correctly integrated into the complete web design process.
  • An SEO strategy was not included in the plan before the shift in the whole of a website redesign

Let us further dig out the answers to your “WHY?” in the rest of the post, that is why did the website traffic rankings drop after making live a perfect user-friendly website that Google usually prefers?

No redirecting of the web pages

Redirects are the most important things to consider during the redesigning process as this send users to the newly revised pages and informs search engines to review and rank the current page in the place of the old one.

Fresh Web Architecture

Site design means how is your website organized and linked with one another. Google transfers value from one page to other through internal links and based on where the pages are placed in the hierarchy of the website. This determines the value of your page. If these interlinks are not provided, then consider it to be a disaster for your website.

So, when a website improves its framework and design, it causes some pages to have lesser internal links or be linked to pages that have less or no value to pass. This, lowers the score of the page, shooting them below in the search results.

Copy Change

When website copy is changed, it makes Google re-evaluate the relevancy of the page for the targeted topic. If superior keywords are removed from the key areas such as the title tag, header tags, body, alt text, etc., the relevancy score will drop, and thus, rankings and traffic will follow.

Page Deletion

This happens when there occurs a content gap. If you have deleted any page or when trying to optimize the user journey, this causes previously earned rankings to disappear for the topics those pages were targeting, and traffic to drop.


Top SEO secret tips useful for website maintenance too


Find what keywords to target. You can use keyword analyzing tool for free by going to Google’s free keyword tool.

  • Using the keyword tools, you get a mountain of LSI or latent semantic indexing keywords that are associated with your targeted domain.
  • The next step is to ensure that you are getting at least 500 exact searches a month to ensure that there is enough traffic for the keywords that you will want to target.
  • A powerful but sincere SEO trick is to produce traffic through article marketing. This is where we fail as this step requires a four-letter word: WORK. The results you will receive by taking this step though are nothing short of phenomenal.
  • By creating several targeted articles that are over 500 words and written around the primary and secondary keywords you can reap tremendous benefits because the different search engines will pick up the articles and place them in their search engines where you can get a ton of free traffic for the keywords you are trying to target.
  • You can then take those articles and submit them to article directories, please do not depreciate the effectiveness of this technique. Once those articles get published, you can then make those same articles and upload them to document sharing websites.

No one will ever share this juicy bit of information with you but as a Digital Transformation & web design Company, we wish to lay all the cards on the table for you to make sure you get the traffic results you desire.



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