How this Facebook designed JS framework getting businesses to REACT?

By: sdl17global | September 28, 2018
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React JS; Facebook has designed the open source JavaScript framework for developing rich and engaging web apps that are fast and requires minimal coding without losing its efficiency. The primary objective of React JS is to provide the best rendering performance. Its strength lies in breaking down an app’s complex systems into simpler components, thus making implementation of changes easy.

React JS has already hit the line and is a mainstream framework today. Many enterprises are using it today, including of course the internet giant Facebook. Netflix, Walmart, Airbnb, Dropbox, and many other organizations too have been using this.

Here are a few sound judgments as to why React JS has become so popular so quickly:

  • Each component used to develop the final product has its own logic, controls its own performance and are reusable whenever and wherever needed. This ability to modify small components to create customizable functions offer great flexibility in the app.
  • It is an intuitive tool to use. It solves any problem in the backend in a familiar way by using regular JavaScript. It has no domain specific language and is super similar to HTML.
  • Facebook developers have introduced concepts that allows your app to manage the system that it feels is right for your business. This means you can make an informed decision by learning about what system to use.
  • Breaks apart large components in the web interface into smaller elements that make it easy to interact with the app.
  • One of the surprisingly cool features of React is the virtual DOM. Usually, when you develop an app that has a lot of user interaction and data updates, you have to thoroughly consider how your app structure is going to impact performance. React’s virtual DOM determines the most effective way to make changes and then applies only those changes. This ensures a minimum update for the real DOM, rendering higher performance and a cleaner user experience all around.

Why React JS for businesses?

  • Entrepreneurs and developers entirely drive this age. Innovators are constantly looking for out of the box methods to give their businesses a competitive edge. React JS is one such technology that is helping enterprises to outdo their competitors when creating web apps.
  • React JS help in creating better customer experiences with a high performing UI. Thus, improving user engagement, a great number of visitors and higher conversions.
  • Since React JS doesn’t allow the DOM to self-update, the apps run faster and deliver better UX.
  • React JS is highly efficient and has the capability to modify built tooling. It has a meager maintenance budget and is definitely a good deal for your business.

It is important to ensure that your web application is crafted professionally and is in line with the best practices. You should consider working with experts like Social DNA Labs as we have ample experience with the same tech application for many years. We can assist you to understand the technology and make your business future-ready for a competitive advantage. We craft your achievable goals and demonstrate how the business can use the technology to accelerate growth, raise conversions, cut on costs, and raise conversion rates.



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