How cloud technology is changing the business game?

By: sdl17global | December 4, 2018
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The industrial technology giants of today are turning cloud services into the next big things. They are promoting cloud digital transformation as some sort of panacea for all kinds of business size.


Because this technology is cost-effective, that is up-to-date with leading-edge software and other updates. The main aim behind introducing this new-age technology is to reduce the expenses involved significantly in desk-by-desk purchases. For a long-term, Cloud provides savings for on-site server upgrades and maintenance.

For those not familiar with the cloud infrastructure, is a platform which supports the development environments and within it, you would find managed hosting environment where various applications are built.

End users are meant to access cloud-based applications through a desktop using a web browser or mobile apps while the business apps, software and other user’s data are saved and protected on servers at a remote location.

Businesses who have incorporated cloud computing in their administration have claimed that it helped them with improved manageability and less maintenance. The best of all is that they could launch applications faster and meet unpredictable business demand.

Cloud computing is nothing but sharing of data and storing crucial business information in a platform that is secured and safe from hacker attacks. The basics of cloud computing convey the broader concept of converged infrastructure and the sharing of services.

Cloud infrastructure benefits in a business;


If your current IT settings are urging you to invest too much of your attention to computer and data-storage issue, then, unfortunately, you can not focus on attaining business goals and satisfying customers. The cloud offers companies more flexibility overall. And, if you need additional bandwidth, a cloud-based setting can meet that demand immediately.


Mobility: Corporate data can be accessed via smartphones and other mobile devices easily from anywhere and anytime remotely. Over 2.6 billion smartphones are in use globally today, and this is a great way to ensure that everyone is connected and is reachable. Through the cloud, you can offer your employees convenient access to relevant data especially when they are freelance staff, or remote agents, for better work-life balance.


As we are progressing digitally, it becomes more apparent that data is valuable. With so much data in the cloud, it becomes easy to study the nature of the business and its performance as well as through the right cloud computing solutions; you can process millions of data and draw valuable insights to take meaningful decisions of tomorrow.

Better Collaboration:

With Cloud computing, you can get your employees to collaborate better with simple processes. Your team members can view, access and even edit, add or share pieces of information constantly and securely which is very important. Some cloud-based services also provide collaborative social spaces to connect employees across your organization. This improves internal engagement and builds team spirit.

Quality check:

Because all your team members will be accessing the same file, this will help in maintaining uniformity in data, avoid human error, and have a definite record of any changes or updates. Individual management of the documents can lead to different versions of the same information, which leads to trouble and diluted data.

Recovery & Reconstruction

There may be no way for you to skip disasters like deletion of an important file or application accidentally. But with the cloud, you could speed up your data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios’ like from natural disasters to power blackouts.

Cloud has the potential to transform the way organizations view and deal with IT needs. As businesses constantly look for ways to reduce costs, the cloud is a program that needs to be appraised. In general, the cost of this type of infrastructure is lower, and an organization will be well equipped with data to make a smart decision for their current and future needs.



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