Trending DevOps tools that your business is unaware of

By: sdl17global | October 10, 2018
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DevOps solutions can be precisely defined as an ideology, a philosophy or a methodology. The term DevOps signifies that there should be more visibility between Development and Operations teams. This kind of unification results in better product delivery and quality. With more and more enterprises seeking the benefits of DevOps for streamlining their internal operations and deployment, it becomes necessary to leverage the functionality of a certain open source DevOps tool. The significant benefit of these open source tools is that they give a lot of visibility into the source code and supports management of transforming market needs. A good DevOps consultant streamlines the process of development and deployment thus ultimately improving your businesses overall product quality.

What DevOps tools are businesses using today?

DevOps helps to simplify the complex processes of coordinating and integrating the functions of the two teams. There are many tools available today to assist the DevOps implementation and deployment. Some popular DevOps tools that professionals opt for are the following;


This configuration management tool automates configuration, deployment, and software application management. It also coordinates with the machine setups on the cloud, virtual machines, and servers. The configuration management system of the Chef basically ensures that all the files and the software in the computers are configured correctly, secured and functional.


Know what you own so you can control and enforce consistency across it. A new standard for automating infrastructure, software management, and delivery, Puppet offers an automatic way to examine, present, administer and future-proof all of your IT infrastructure and technology, no matter where it runs.

Puppet can do the following for you;

Reddit, CERN, Oracle are its diligent users.


This automation software is a simple server and an excellent configuration management tool that aims to break complexity.

Ansible too like puppet and Chef can help you automate, control, and deploy IT orchestration. You can run assignments in sequence and build a series of events that must appear at once on many servers and devices. This will help you to automate everyday tasks and promote product delivery.


This most commonly used control system version is quickly becoming popular today. Git’s versatility and demand make it an excellent choice for any organization. Many developers and college grads already know how to use this tool. Git’s user association has formulated many means to train developers, and Git’s popularity makes it easy to receive help when you need it. Approximately every development environment in the world has Git assistance, and Git control tools run on every primary operating system.


This is a publicly-acclaimed technology which guarantees that any and every software can run reliably in different computing environments. Put simply; a container is an assembly of an application, its libraries, dependencies, and other configuration data needed for its constant functioning. Docker secures your application function without any pause even when transferred to a new computing ecosystem different from its base environment.

Increasingly, more and more enterprises are adopting DevOps, its principles and patterns to turn into more flexible working organizations. If implemented correctly, then DevOps can better address market needs and be ahead in the race. Thus, companies can accomplish notable advantages and rightfully earn quicker ROI if partnered with a good DevOps service provider like the Social DNA Labs.



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