Why DevOps is Critical for Faster and Continuous Product Release?

By: sdl17global | November 7, 2018
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In this age of cut-throat competition, success doesn’t come easy. Entrepreneurs have to lay the groundwork for it. Many Digital Transformation agencies like us are providing diverse DevOps solutions for ensuring timely product delivery to markets and streamlining operations.

Experts say DevOps is an agile approach meant to capture market opportunities. For that, it is necessary to unite the development and operations team to automate processes and quickly obtain results. The solution is behaving like a production system where development and QA team work together and act well before it is ready for deployment. The flexible environment helps in improving the quality process where innovation is harbored among team members, and the whole implementation process is streamlined.

What exactly is DevOps?

On a broader term, DevOps is an approach based on lean and agile practices in which development teams, operations, and testing teams interact and cooperate for the on-time delivery of the product/service continuously while also reaching out to the end customer that helps them to seize the market opportunities.

This provides opportunities to receive timely feedback and incorporate the changes quickly. This way the execution gaps in a project can be controlled and togetherness can be brought in within the groups working on the project.

What makes DevOps an ideal option for business?

Just two words, mobility, and flexibility.

The biggest advantage of DevOps from a business perspective is obvious — it is all about the rate of delivery.

Significant streamlining and reorganization features for the workflow. Thus, the process transforms into a more productive and efficient system. That, in turn, makes redundancy shorter and much more active while sidestepping the risk of breaking the things while moving too fast.

The distinguished timeliness of delivery is a significant satisfaction factor for your internal or external customers. Usable results are released early and regularly, which is essential in unpredictable and changing business environments.

Shorter release cycles mean shorter feedback cycles. Your customers are getting frequent and timely updates, which gives you the ability to assess and test their satisfaction and also acknowledge them.

DevOps targets processes that add value to the organization. It performs value developing actions that can minimize the risks

  1. Part by part releases to keep the curiosity of the customers intact
  2. Intense collaboration between operations, developers and other personnel
  3. Better focus on specific products and applications by the functional teams
  4. Strategic approaches leading to result-oriented outcomes with well-defined KPIs

Security can never be ignored

Besides what your team’s needs, it is crucial to remember that different groups frequently have several ways to access project information. Therefore, any robust DevOps solution needs to give self-governing access controls, all defined by role.

DevOps are created to control all application delivery strictly following all DevOps principles. In several cases, it will be useless to have more than one solution, because they will presumably differ from each other with many overlapping features and thus slow down the processes.

Every enterprise deserves a DevOps upgrade in order to be able to deliver the latest products on time and achieve great time-to-market. But before this, every small or big company must seek information on the kind of DevOps tools the company process requires. Needs differ from industry to industry, hence adopting DevOps solutions that are specifically suitable for business is important. This will also help in breaking down IT barriers.

Reach out to Social DNA Labs for ground-breaking DevOps consulting services and take your firm to new heights.



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