Secrets of Customer Experience Management to drive ultra-high Business results

By: sdl17global | October 26, 2018
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Someone rightly said,

Customer Is the King!

In fact, if you are an entrepreneur, you must be the too nodding head with the above said golden words. 

As customer experience management (CEM) continues to gain importance in the minds of today’s CEOs, more and more businesses are taking on customer experience management seriously to promote customer satisfaction, generate better customer insights, nourish customer loyalty, and enhance customer lifetime value.

The Gartner Research reports that 89% of businesses would compete mostly on who is providing the best Customer Experience in 2025. Going by this info, Customer Experience is the only currency in today’s competitive business world!

How digitally inclined are your customers today?

As the buzz around customer experience goes on to progress, the solution revolves around the answers to ‘How to improve customer experience.’ With the progress in digital avenues for such solutions, businesses are embracing digital measures to improve customer experience. But is it a prudent step really? Let’s find out!

Today there is an increased ‘Consumerization’ with the acceleration of Commoditization! The changing customer demography has led to an increase in customer satisfaction risks with a diminishing barrier to ‘brand loyalty switch.’

Our digitally conscious customers are shifting towards digital mediums and forcing brands to adopt these new technologies as well. An intersection of product strategy, marketing, and customer service has sparked up the consumer adoption process, making it all the more crucial for excellent customer experience.

How Social DNA Labs provide the best Customer experience solution?

We collect customer feedback, analyze it and push it out through your business to drive operational efficiencies and reduce customer churn.

The way we do this, we collect information, study it and then act on it. These three things are actually the “voice of the customer”. This process is important because we see that at least 80% of businesses are willing to pay up 25% more to ensure a superior customer experience.

So as the products become more and more commoditized, this really the way companies are going to stay successful and will remain competitive by delivering superior customer satisfaction.

This is why companies are spending on cx software or customer experience platforms is to be able to pull all the customer data into one central location.

Historically, there have been things like this such as the market research. Whereas, today with developing technology businesses can really take a pulse across the customer journey and using that feedback to understand where the friction is in upsetting any customer or does your brand or relationship with your customers is at risk.

So, to put it simply, we first collect the feedback data of your buyers and then combine it with your operational data to get a full 360-degree view of the customer. Then, we analyze the extracted data using the dashboard, text analytics or data mining. Lastly, we act on that data in such a way that its going to drive that superior customer experience.

We use Zendesk, Satmetrix, ResponseTek, ClickTale and many other customer experience platforms to investigate your customer behavior.

Five key tools that play an important role in improving CX

  • Mobile Support

Provides customer the support they need on the platform of their choice

  • Live Chat

Connects customers with brands almost instantly, especially when they are in need of help

  • Self-service

Providing online support that helps in saving time, effort and resources.

  • Social Support

Enable businesses to help customers and demonstrate great service.

  • Omnichannel support

Yields the data that the company needs to improve and refine CX.

To improve positive word-of-mouth and related revenue streams, great customer experiences are essential. Connect now to explore the potential of your business.



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