How is Big Data revolutionizing the hospitality industry rapidly?

By: sdl17global | October 25, 2018
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Big Data is the buzzword today in industry and is showing no signs of terminating its popularity. Engineers and computer scientists and even sometimes expert firms are being hired or outsourced by big brands who can leverage the potential of big data analytics. The spark of change that big data services has created is so powerful that it has almost wiped out all the traditional methods of decision making in the enterprises, and government agencies today.

Big Data and analytics are transforming all aspects of the travel industry and hotels. Companies today who are not adopting this data-led-technology are lagging behind in the market. 

If you think why?

Then this is because the enterprises are rapidly embracing it for its incredible capability of providing deeper insights into potential buyer behavior and present reports based on every online customer activity. This thus helps companies make easy decisions and improve their customer experience while also increasing the firm’s efficiency and revenue management in the industry.

The hospitality industry generates and operates on vast volumes of data around reservations, queries, itineraries, hotel bookings, rental cars, trains/airlines fare, customer feedbacks, etc., thereby preserving long trails of data that comes along. Industry is overflowing with data and companies are increasing their budget limit to get to the insight out of all these data that will help them to hit the bull’s eye.

How the combined power of AI & Big Data can tackle customer issues, generate new bookings and find ways to make your guest’s stay extra special, all contributing towards generating bigger revenues for your organization?  Well, here are the top ways how it is possible;

Digitalizing Marketing techniques

Micro-target your every customer and create important offers that are personalized for a different customer. With proper Big Data tools, a hotel can match its offers with the guest’s requirements, and AI will ensure delivery of the offer to the right person at exactly the right time.

Seamless customer experience

Hotels can use AI to develop an excellent customer experience all the time, even when something manual goes wrong, and service doesn’t meet their expectations.

At Social DNA Labs, we ensure that your hotel/ travel company is leading the competition in the market and is able to combat modern-day challenges by equipping you with decision making power.

The top data tools that we use for our clients to provide them with best outputs are;

Hadoop big data

Hadoop services brings flexibility in data processing and easily handles unstructured data. It is easily scalable open source platform that can run on any industry-standard hardware. Its reliable data storage system is replicable, and this makes it the most tolerable tool that comes in the most cost-efficient budget.

Hadoop MapReduce

It is that primary data processing component in Hadoop that contains the task of data processing and distributing tasks across nodes.

Its two different phases are;

Map- That is converting typical dataset into another where every element is divided into key components.

Reduce- It takes in the output data from the map as an input and then integrates the data blocks into a smaller set of tuples.

Pig Hadoop

Apache Pig platform analyze a large volume of data sets. The salient feature of Pig programs is that their structure is responsive to actual parallelization, thus enabling the handling of very large data sets. Its ease of programming and extensibility create their own functions to do special-purpose processing.

Hive solutions

The one thing to consider is that there is no requirement to know java for Hive. Hive eases the complexity of Hadoop. Apache Hive is an open source data warehouse system developed on top of Hadoop. It gives data summarization, query, and report in a much better manner.

It is clear that Big Data is revolutionizing the travel industry. A good Big Data Analytic strategy is becoming necessary to discover customer trends, their travel patterns, business threats, and opportunities. Connect with Social DNA Labs for leveraging the dual power Big Data and AI technology in your business.



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