Setting up a brand-new online store but is confused what eCommerce platform to choose?

By: sdl17global | October 22, 2018
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If you are a startup, a blogger or an entrepreneur, then we will simplify your web related concerns. Many small businesses often think how to make an approach towards starting an eCommerce platform and what is the best eCommerce platform for their startup or their small business.

If you are planning to kickstart your eCommerce business and looking for the best medium, then make sure your eCommerce website has the following features;

–    Mobile friendly

It will be ridiculous if you have been ignoring the number of mobile users visiting your website through their phones. The viral traffic on your eCommerce platform is majorly the mobile users. Hence, your eCommerce site has to mobile friendly. If it is not, then you are missing a large audience on your mobile website.

–    SEO Friendly

No matter what type of platform you choose, make sure it is SEO friendly. Which means you should be able to make your pages not only user-friendly but also search engine friendly.

–    Easy customizations

You should be able to customize the design and look of the website easily in the platform you choose.

–    Economic

It should be economical because only then you can make the most out of your business. If you fund big in developing, designing and maintaining the site instead of running the core occupation, it doesn’t make sense.

There are a lot of sources available these days, but most of them are almost similar to each other or lack some functionality.

So, we recommend you go with any of the below mentioned three eCommerce platforms. They are;


It is an open source programme that you can download and host it on your website server, and you can actually create your eCommerce store by using the native theme of Magento. If you wish to have a customized theme, you can always hire a designer or a developer to create it. Magento is a good option for a small-scale enterprise as well as if you are planning to scale it to an enterprise level. We only recommend Magento for industries who can hire professional Magento developing service company to maintain the website or even edit the coding as per the customizations required in the website.   


It is by far the most successful eCommerce solutions around and is one that nearly everyone has heard of. It comes with a huge number of supports and logins that you can use to tailor your website as per the needs and boost sales. Some of its tools also let you do powerful things like tracking visitors, integrating email marketing, and selling digital products and delivering them automatically.

Shopify can support up to 5,000 different items, which is more than enough for most purposes.

Woo Commerce

This self-hosted option is actually a WordPress theme. This means that you are not installing anything extra. The whole process of setting it up is actually easy and simple. You merely have to install the Woo Commerce theme as you would do with any other WordPress theme and you are ready to go.

Like Shopify and Magento, Woo Commerce too has tons of support and an endless number of themes and plugin. However, the only limitation is that it can store only 500 items maximum.

So, if you are planning to start an eCommerce business, then make sure you choose the right eCommerce platform, and earn the best returns out of your every investment made for your online trading. If you already have an e-store and are not happy with it, then reach out to us to understand what could have been best for your online store and how you can improve your e-business.



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