Big Data Processing

Big Data Processing

SocialDNA Labs partners with businesses of all sizes to deliver Big Data services that help reduce process pitfalls, increase productivity and save time and money. We assist you in collecting unstructured data from various disparate sources and collate and share them easily for data processing and analytics. Using our Big Data solution, you get the advantage of our experience and knowledge to measurably increase innovation and value of your operations.

At SocialDNA Labs, we offer comprehensive Big Data analytics service that starts from data organization. Using latest technologies and tools such as Hadoop, Apache, Hive, etc., we bring simplicity to seemingly complex data structures.

Leverage our strong BI and analytics solutions and the ability to simplify data. It helps organizations gain transparency and add value to their business.

IoT implementation challenges to consider & how to overcome it?

IoT has come to the market to automate our lives by improving the efficiency of our surrounding things. This technology is intelligent and is capable enough to sense motion, identify and differentiate between objects as well as monitor human behavior. If you can smartly integrate IoT with your business system, you will notice IoT is […]