Overcome Business Challenges with the help of Analytics. Use your Data to derive Intelligence that can be used to deliver better Customer Experiences


Big Data and BI Solutions to Structure, Analyze, and Visualize Complex Healthcare Data

SocialDNA Labs Big Data solution for healthcare simplifies the analytics procedure by breaking data from disparate sources and arranging it into structured and analytics-ready format. The intelligence provided by our solution enables healthcare institutes to provide better care at reduced costs. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions can leverage our Big Data Solution to:

  • Graphical Reports based on Key Metrics allowing 360-degree view of your Business
  • Process Massive Data from Disparate Datasets without any advanced IT
  • Intuitive UI, Advanced Analytics, and Statistics
  • Centralized Data Repository Integrating EHR, HMS, Billing, Insurance and more
  • Complete Data Security and Confidentiality
  • Real-time Data Update as per Compliance

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