Big Data Analytics

The power of Big Data enables ‘Evidence-Based Decision Making’ that helps business owners take measured and educated decisions based on data generated internally and from external sources. Analyzing customer behavior to understand customer psychology and predict future trends give the organizations the power to fulfill individual customers’ needs.

Big Data Analytics

SocialDNA Labs provides big data solutions that support our customers’ in utilizing their data to gain valuable insight that can be transformed into revenue generation. Our domain expertise helps clients in different domains such as retail, healthcare, banking, hospitality and education engage Big Data Analytics in improving their business performance.

What we can do with BIG DATA

  • Break the data silos and get rid of information integration problems by storing data at a centralized location.
  • Data Management.
    • Gather all structured and unstructured data from disparate legacy systems.
    • Extract and cleanse the data to remove duplicate and irrelevant data.
    • Aggregate and integrate the data for representation and analysis.
  • Analysis of data using Big Data tools and engines to provide visual reports based on metrics that matter.

Advantages of using predictive analysis and visualization techniques

  • Assess the Current Business Operations
  • Clearly View the Hidden Patterns
  • Discover Unknown Correlations between Revenue and Expenses
  • Create Stunning Graphical Reports based on KPIs.
  • Use Real-Time Data to Update Dashboards and keep the Staff Informed.

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